We are building

A 300-bed Children Hospital in Ghana, West Africa

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About Us

About Us

Our Highest Ambition is to Help People

LOVE WITHOUT WALLS is an ALL-VOLUNTEER 501 (c)(3) public non-profit organization serving disadvantaged and impoverished children throughout the world.

We are currently building a 300-bed children’s hospital in Suhum, Ghana to replace the current 24-bed ward. The current ward serves a population of 180,000 persons in Suhum, and adjacent municipalities.

Our Mission is...

Empowering impoverished and disadvantaged children by providing key resources to meet their medical, residential, nutritional, and educational needs.

What we do

We help poor and hurting children live better lives by providing medical, residential, nutritional, educational, and spiritual support. We are currently building a 300-bed state of the art children’s hospital in Suhum, Ghana, West Africa.

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