About Us

Who we are

LOVE WITHOUT WALLS is an ALL-VOLUNTEER  501 (c)(3) public non-profit organization serving disadvantaged and impoverished children throughout the world. We are currently building a 300-bed children’s hospital in Suhum, Ghana to replace the current 24-bed ward. The current ward serves a population of 180,000 persons in Suhum, and adjacent municipalities.

Love Without Walls was birthed by Dr. Hartford Dawson from his hospital bed at Winthrop University Hospital in New York on October 28, 2014 – the eighth day of his personal battle with malaria, and after several near death experiences. He had congestive heart failure, pneumonia, fluid in his lungs, and was on oxygen for three consecutive days. Dr. Dawson contracted malaria while volunteering in Suhum, Ghana in August 2014.

Our Mission

Love Without Walls’ mission is: Empowering impoverished and disadvantaged children by providing key resources to meet their medical, residential, nutritional, and educational needs.

Our Vision

Our vision at Love Without Walls is deeply rooted in our fundamental belief that expressed love and care must exceed the boundaries of our own families and homes and stretch to those is need. As such, our vision is that poor and needy persons, regardless of the WALLS of color, race, creed, lifestyle, religious belief, or geographical location will be empowered and live healthier and more productive lives because of our efforts and those who financially support us.

transparency and integrity

We pledge full financial and operational transparency and integrity is all we do. Our financial returns are available for all to examine – we are a public non-profit. In addition, to maximize donations, no one at Love Without Walls is being paid or receives any financial benefit whatsoever. We are all volunteers. All our efforts are 100% for the benefit of the children serve.

What We Do

We help poor and hurting children live better lives by providing medical, residential, nutritional, educational, and  spiritual support.

We are currently building a 300-bed state of the art children’s hospital in Suhum, Ghana, West Africa.